The Wonderwall

I know I keep posting about football…but game days are what made school memorable. 

This is so dumb. Why do I love it? -_-

I’ve drank for 7 days straight. Graduation is in exactly one month. Can I drink for one month straight and survive? We shall find out. 

This made me tear up. lol. Lovely football video for my senior year. 

Once again my favorite line from the school song: “Fearless champions ever be, stand on heights of victory. Strive for honor, evermore…”

Guns up! and Wreck ‘em Tech! 


Omizubata N House by Iida Archiship Studio (from Homeli)

so perfect

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School is over in exactly one month. :O

Coach Kingsbury wearing a TOO TURNT UP (TTU) shirt, and dancing. <3 Wreck ‘em Tech! <3 (wouldnt mind wrecking the coach).