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the pistol annies are one of my alter egos. 

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"I drink to make other people more interesting."

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"Tomorrow could be the someday, you’ve been waiting for."

- William Chapman (via inferencing)

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@andrewisscooter said: What if a boy brought you Chipotle?

Three possible scenarios:
1.- Call 911, like tf. that’s creepy. 
2.- Would kindly turn it down cuz Im awkward, dont like strangers, and it’s still creepy. 
3.- Take the food, say thanks, offer some money, and send the guy on his way. cuz i just want chipotle. no interest in boys. just the chipotle. and maybe a bloody mary or five. 

I dont need a boy, I dont want a boy, I just want chipotle. BUT I CANT EVEN GET THAT. losing.